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The optimal blend of nutrition and hydration you need post-workout.

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Transform the way you train by prepping your body with the hydration it needs to perform.

Unleash your potential with unparalleled hydration

PREPD is a game changing sports hydration booster that is scientifically and clinically proven to enhance athletic performance and aid fast recovery. Supporting athletes and sports enthusiasts perform at their peak.

Not another sports drink

PREPD boost your body’s ability to absorb fluid and stay hydrated. Works alongside and supercharges the benefits of any sports drinks or water alone.

Unique pre and post workout hydration

2x step system taken before and after your training (not during). Step 1 primes the body for optimal hydration.Step 2 then recovers, rehydrates and repairs.

Proudly Australian made & owned

Deliciously tasty, smoothie-like texture, unique resistant starch formulation, low sugar, prebiotic, gluten free, HASTA certified.

Backed by ground-breaking science

This is a game changing quantum leap in sports hydration.Based on over 20 years of medical research, testing, clinical trials and athletes reviews.

PREPD Products


Unparalleled pre-workout hydration drink that prepares the body to use its full ability to absorb fluids and stay hydrated. Consumed 6-12 hours before exercise


Game changing post-workout hydration drink that provides a rehydration boost in the 24 hours after exercise. Consumed immediately after exercise.


To maximise your training and reap the full benefits of hydration we recommend you use both our Prime and Recover products throughout your workouts, training or races.


If you are new to PREPD you need to try our game changing hydration boosters. There are three sample packs to choose from to try our drinks, powder sachets and different flavours.

“PREPD has been a key for me with my training, I know that I get real and tangible benefits from using PREPD. I’ve used it in all types racing and training situations, shorter very intense training as well as longer endurance efforts. I am extremely diligent with training, preparation, nutrition and hydration. I really notice the hydration and performance boost in all circumstances, and I am big advocate of PREPD, it’s been a pillar in my training routine”
– Amber Pate, Australia Elite Track and Road Cyclist
“I’ve felt a huge improvement in my preparation for performance, and recovery post workout since implementing PREPD into my day”
– Hoffman, Newcastle Jets player
“The first time I used PREPD I performed significantly better in my controlled sub maximal cycling tests. I didn’t quite believe the improvement so I retested many times over two months until there could be no doubt whatsoever that the hydration enhancing effects of PREPD are very real and was absolutely improving my performance. I would highly recommend to any athlete looking to improve their endurance performance and recovery”
– Tim Reed, Professional Ironman Triathlete

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