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Daniel Rake,
Age-Group IRONMAN Triathlete

About Daniel Rake

Dan is a free surfer of endurance sport and life. A regular age grouper balancing a busy job, family and sporting life. Dan runs a fast growing financial services firm; is heavily involved in coaching and growing start-up enterprises; is married with four daughters and manages to squeeze in his passion for endurance sports around the world. Dan has participated in 20 full Ironman distance triathlons across Australia, New Zealand, Europe and America including the famed Hawaii Ironman and Challenge Roth. On the mountain bike he has completed the 5 day Tour De Timor and with his team has won their division in the 96km trail running Kokoda Challenge through the hinterland of the Gold Coast in Australia.

I’ve constantly struggled with my sweat rates, hydration levels and guts issues. I have experienced significant benefits and changes since I started to use Prepd the night before my long training sessions and races. I noticed a measurable difference in hydration and returned home from longer sessions with less weight loss and feeling 100% better.
— Daniel Rake

Career Achievements

  • 20 times full distance Ironman Competitor including the Hawaii Ironman & Challenge Roth;
  • Winner 1st corporate team (& 2nd overall) 96km Kokoda Challenge trail running event (Gold Coast, Australia)
  • Competitor 5-Day Tour De Timor Mountain Bike Race

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