M5 Academies, Triathlon Program

The M5 Academies has been created to provide emerging, elite age group and pro triathletes a turnkey athletic and education-based program that will allow team members to reach their full potential as triathletes. The M5 Tri program is a first of its kind in Australia that enables athletes to progress seamlessly between tiers as their performance improves and careers develop.

You can check out M5 Academies here.


“I’ve been using PREPD Prime for 2 years now, as an athlete with a high sweat rate I have found the benefits of this product amazing. Prior to introducing PREPD to my nutrition I found myself struggling badly with dehydration towards the end of my long runs & rides but since using PREPD I have felt consistent and strong throughout my entire workout:, Levi Van Dijk

“I used PREPD during both trail running and for the enduro. I fared better than usual in both and found the recovery quicker and easier. The drinks worked for me and were easy on my stomach.”, Andrea Maloney

“Couldn’t have picked a better weekend to trial PREPD products. Temperatures in the 30’s and extreme humidity. Coach had me down for 3hr ride on Sat and 3hr run on Sunday. Took the Prime product before going to bed Friday night and followed my normal hydration strategy for the ride. This session called for a lift in intensity for the last 45 minutes and I was very comfortable throughout, with legs feeling quite fresh after. The big test was going to be the next day’s long run in even hotter temperatures. This time I used the premixed sample of Prime before bed. After suffering severe leg cramps at Cairns Ironman recently I was keen to get a quality long run in the bank before the GC50 in 3 weeks. For this run I only consumed gels washed down with water from bubblers along the way. The biggest thing I noticed is that I was able to maintain a consistent pace for 40kms without a noticeable increase in heart rate over the last hour. No sign of cramping or distress at any stage. Immediately after finishing I consumed the premixed Recover sample. My recovery has also been excellent with only a small amount of fatigue in the legs today and no soreness. Definitely happy with PREPD product and will be using it as part of my training and racing strategy.”, Ashley Lawrence

You can get PREPD here.