Prepd Molecule

Rebecca Butler, Ultra-trail Runner


Beck is an endurance adventure runner and and store owner of BKT Trail.  Beck is the first Australian woman to have completed the Destination Trail races that make up the Triple Crown 200 mile races.  She has competed in some of the most prestigious international races including Western States, UTMB and the MDS.  Beck is driven by an insatiable desire to run further in difficult conditions that require strength, determination, grit and a commitment to being comfortable with discomfort.

“Before using PREPD I had great endurance conditioning but was struggling to increase my speed. I had also been experiencing ongoing gastrointestinal issues which could hinder my performance and makes fuelling and hydration a challenge. After using PREPD Prime before heavy training sessions and the Recover afterwards, I am pretty blown away by how it has helped both my gut health and performance. My GI issues have disappeared and a hill route that was previously taking me 90mins, I was immediately able to run in 75mins with PREPD.”— REBECCA BUTLER


  • 2018 Moab 240 (miles): 7th place
  • 2018 Bigfoot 200 (miles) (USA): 7th place\
  • 2018 Alps 2 Ocean (multi-stage) (NZ): 6th place
  • 2017 Tahoe 200 (miles) (USA): 4th place
  • 2017 Hubert 100 miles (Aust): 1st place outright
  • 2017 Bogong to Hotham 64km (Aust): 5th place
  • 2017 Cradle Mountain Run (Aust) 82km
  • 2016 Ultra Trail Mont Blanc (UTMB) 100 miles (France)
  • 2016 Western States Endurance Run 100 miles (USA): 20th place
  • 2016 Patagonia Run 130km (Argentina): 8th place
  • 2015 Tarawera (NZ) 100km
  • 2015 Two Bays 56km (Aust)
  • 2015 Jungle Marathon (multi-stage) (Brazil): 2nd place
  • 2014 Marathon des Sables (MDS) (multi-stage) (Morocco) 17th place
  • 2014 Surf Coast Century 100km (Aust): 8th place
  • Ultra Trail Australia 100km and 50km numerous years (Aust)