86 wins, 5 losses, 5 premierships – Can they do it again?

With 7 AFL clubs using PREPD and footy finals just around the corner we thought we’d take our focus to the grassroots level. This week we had the chance to sit down with last year’s Hahndorf Football Club premiership captain who was also awarded best on ground in the grand final, amassing 37 disposals and kicking a goal, showing PREPD is used at all levels across the community. 

Dylan, can you please tell us a little about yourself, an early footy memory and your love for the AFL game?

I am a 27 year old Electrician and have been playing footy since the age of 14. I first got introduced to the sport by a school mate who I was playing soccer with at the time. He took me out for a run at with the Junior Colts at Hahndorf and I absolutely loved it, soon throwing away the round ball for the oval ball.

Can you please tell us a little about your win/loss record at the Hahndorf Football Club and what led you to becoming a Magpie? 

After playing my junior footy at Hahndorf, I pursued a short SANFL career in my late teens early twenties down at Sturt which really developed my game. Then in 2015, I came up to watch the Hahndorf boys win a cracking Grand Final, ultimately beginning our string of premierships. Seeing that lured me in, I was keen to be apart of that action and 2016 i was fortunate enough to join them in another flag. Now 6 seasons on, I am pushing for my 5th flag and hopefully the 3rd on the trott. Fair to say we are in a really enjoyable place right now with another undefeated year so far and hopefully on our way to pass our pretty ridiculous winning streak last season of 43 wins in a row!

With just one round of the Hills Football League remaining in 2021, how are the magpies placed for another tilt at the Premiership cup?

I’ve been unfortunate to miss most of this season due to having shoulder surgery at the beginning of the year, however I think this year more than any other we have prepared and positioned ourselves for a great chance at another premiership. Looking from the outside in this season it is clear to see how tight knit our team is. From the top ex-AFL players all the way down our first year players, we are constantly looking to better ourselves. To be as strong and competitive as we are, we pride ourselves not just on maintaining our standards but always looking to improve them. This is what keeps Hahndorf on top!

You talk about maintaining and improving on your standards, but over a long stretch the Hahndorf Football Club has been the yardstick of the Hills Football League Having played in every GF since 2015 winning all but for 2017, what drives the group to maintain their dominance over the competition? 

It’s clear after such strong seasons, we are always going to be the hunted with everyone looking to cause an upset to try and knock us off. But we love this, it’s the fuel that keeps us motivated and drives us to maintain our dominance. And with such an elite playing group right now, we want to see just how far we can take this.

How did you find out about PREPD and how long have you been using PREPD to support your training and game day recovery? 

I first came across PREPD when it was brought to us by Goldy, our coach, before the end of season last year. I was super keen to give it a go, looking for any extra edge to keep me at the top of my game. I began using the Prime before my games and noticeably saw it having a positive impact on my performance. I would last out a game without cramping which was a first time ever and never got that feeling of urge of thirst. I’d then follow the game up with a Recover and I would pull up the following day cherry, not feeling drained at all. Even outside of footy I use PREPD religiously, whether be before a bike session, a long run or even a night out. I definitely see huge benefits! As I have seen these results first hand, and heard PREPD was doing a crowd funding campaign, I had to get on board. I’ve signed up and joined the investor program and am really loving being apart of the PREPD journey.

Dylan wins his 4th flag in 5 years with Hahndorf in 2020!

Dylan also participated in our last crowdfunding campaign late last year, joining PREPD through the investors program.

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