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Backed by over 20 years of research and testing, PREPD boosts your performance by enhancing the absorption of sports drinks and water from the very first use. Don’t take our word for it though, checkout the amazing PREPD reviews and experiences below from amateur and elite athletes alike.

Discovered Prepd at the Melbourne Marathon expo. For someone who sweats a lot and has struggled with cramping in the last few k's of previous marathons I thought I'd give this product a go. I used for the first time on the eve of the marathon and can say I had no cramps at all during the event and felt my hydration was working better to the point I didn't feel I needed to take on water/electrolyte at drinks stations (I did, however). I also managed to take 19 mins off my previous best marathon time as well. I will definitely be adding Prepd to my longer running events from now.
β€” Trent Polglase (16 October 2019)
"I used PREPD pre race for IM Cairns. I felt the product helped with my hydration on the day, thirst and fluid intake. The conditions where warmer than what I had been training in, however I didn't feel dehydrated pre, or during the race.

I'm looking forward to continue using PREPD especially with heat training pre and post my big days leading up to Kona.

PREPD tastes great, and is easy on the gut, no dairy πŸ‘Œ I'm a fan of the Strawberry and Kiwi πŸ“πŸ₯"
β€” Helen Morgan (12 July 2019)
"Leading into Cairns was when we made the decision to trial PREPD in training.

A lot of things went right on the day, used PREPD the night before and had a ripper. Placed 8th in my age group and snagged a spot to Kona!! Still can't believe it!! When I watched Tim Reed's post Ironman Oz interview, it was actually weird as all the feelings he had and spoke about, I felt exactly the same in Cairns. Absolutely held pace back half of marathon, 3:35 marathon & was in 20th place heading into the run, 5th best run time in 50-54 age group & PB overall time for me since my fist Ironman in 2008!! My average pace was 5:10 per/km, however my last 7kms were all under this average pace with a 4:34 last km!! At the time I was officially 8th, less than a second in front of 9th place to grab the last Kona slot in my age group. - have found out since that Ironman have honored a Kona slot to the 9th guy as we were recorded as identical times to the second - which is only fair and a great decision.

One other interesting thing I noted during bike & run was that I had to pee less than usual despite taking on more than enough fluids per hour (750 ml per hour on bike with no pee on the run, where I'd always have at least 1 stop on the run). Usually I feel fluids go right through me, however at Cairns felt like I was definitely absorbing and utilizing more fluids.

Anyhow, very lucky to have a great coach and group of people to train and have much banter with!! Also great decision to give PREPD a go, as for sure on the day - every second counted!!!"
β€” Peter Anthony (29 June 2019)
"Have taken PREPD at least 6 times now in training and once in 70.3 . Was totally amazed while taking PREPD competing had heaps of energy during the bike and felt huge difference while on the run. Will continue to take PREPD during longer training sessions and competing in 70.3 and Ironman events."
β€” Brian Upton (21 June 2019)
"The first time I used PREPD I performed significantly better in my controlled sub maximal cycling tests. I didn't quite believe the improvement so I retested many times over two months until there could be no doubt whatsoever that the hydration enhancing effects of PREPD are very real and was absolutely improving my performance. I would highly recommend to any athlete looking to improve their endurance performance and recovery."
"I’ve used PREPD at my last couple of Ironman 70.3s and it definitely makes a difference. My nutrition has been bang on, no problems with dehydration or cramping during or after the race. I’m putting this down to using PREPD and will continue to use it during training and racing!! Highly recommend!"
β€” Mjay Fewwy (20 June 2019)
"It's always hard to quantify the impact of such a product, but since I started using PREPD around mid-2018 I genuinely feel like it has had tangible benefits to my race performance. I am a heavy sweater, and have suffered from cramp in key races previously, but since I started using PREPD I have raced one 70.3 and two full Ironman events consistently and without my previous issues. Of course, some of this must be attributed to other lessons learned and improved conditioning, but I'm convinced PREPD is helping too, in a quite significant way. In addition, it doesn't impact on any of my other race nutrition planning, because it is taken before and after, rather than during, an event. And the flavours are great too. I'll be continuing to use it for sure."
β€” James Knipe (19 June 2019)
"I have been using PREPD for the last couple of months in the lead up to Ironman Cairns. I changed nothing else in my training and I felt the freshest I have ever felt coming off the bike into the run. Definitely would recommend PREPD to anyone racing IRONMAN."
β€” Jeffrey Robbins (18 June 2019)
"PREPD has redefined the way I think about nutrition. Having a simple and efficient way to stay hydrated, and recover quickly has given me the best results of my career in 2019."
"Used the PRIME before Ironman Australia and the influence on my hydration was marked. Compared with the year before I was able to drink more and didn't need to pee until after the race (as opposed to 8-10 times in 2018). Also used for Peaks Challenge and found it to be effective."
β€” Biggles Fishboye Georgie (18 June 2019)
"Great new entrant and one I'll be using regularly in training and racing. Used for the first time at Ironman Australia and had no issues at all... zero hint of any hydration issues before, during and after the race... none whatsoever! Easy on the stomach, tremendous taste. Looking forward to using throughout the winter and next season 🀜"
β€” Chris Smith (11 June 2019)
"I am very excited to have used PREPD along this journey (towards my first IRONMAN) and also equally excited to have convinced my coach on the quality of the product to the extent he now stocks it and supplies it to other athletes he coaches. I feel this product has truly enabled me to stay well on top of my hydration and recovery to be able to back up long session after long session with no worries at all."
β€” Paul Dimstas (4 June 2019)
"Before using PREPD I had great endurance conditioning but was struggling to increase my speed. I had also been experiencing ongoing gastrointestinal issues which could hinder my performance and makes fuelling and hydration a challenge. After using PREPD Prime before heavy training sessions and the Recover afterwards, I am pretty blown away by how it has helped both my gut health and performance. My GI issues have disappeared and a hill route that was previously taking me 90mins, I was immediately able to run in 75mins with PREPD."
"If you want to put your performance to the next level PREPD is the one, improved a lot my hydration during a big session and I can't wait to see how will be my next race!"
β€” Gigi Iron (22 May 2019)
"I tried PREPD for the first time this weekend for The Seven Marathon MTB race- 130km, 3100m of climbing off-road and it worked incredibly well for me. I felt better and better as the 6+ hours went on , experiencing none of the fatigue, dehydration and cramps I had on my last 200km road race a few weeks ago. Ill definitely be packing PREPD for my assault on the Haute Route Pyrenees and Alps double in August."
β€” David Sofield (21 May 2019)
"Cant recommend PREPD enough. I used PREPD in Ironman Australia only a few weeks ago and could not be happier with not just the performance but for the first time in 10 years not once cramping or any dehydration issues. The product is a win win for me and for any aspiring age grouper or pro on the scene. Bravo gents your customer service at the IM expo was informative and passionate and it was not a sales plug but educated and factually driven information experience. I look forward to my next race and PB thank you David and Jason! Cheers Troy"
β€” Troy Stein (20 May 2019)
"Taking PREPD has definitely helped me with less general muscle soreness and cramping.. In the last 9 minutes of quarters, I'm not fatiguing as much as I was before taking PREPD and I feel like it's definitely enhanced my performance."
β€” Liam Fitt, South Adelaide Football Club
"Having used PREPD at the Port Macquarie Ironman it will now become part of my training and nutrition plan. Not only does it taste fantastic, it really works, allowing for better hydration on the long training days.
When the guys say, it makes water harder, they aren’t wrong.
Thank you so much for the support guys, PREPD really is awesome πŸ‘"
β€” Dave Brown (17 May 2019)
"After trialing PREPD for a couple of long training runs, I was confident to use it for some races. Firstly, for a 24 hour race and most recently doubling 90 km and 70km on consecutive days. Despite being a heavy sweater, after having the Prime drink, I have noticed a decrease in thirst, particularly in the first 12 hours of the run. I was really happy with my ability to back up my 90k with only a few hours rest, when all I consumed was the PREPD recovery smoothie. So tasty and easy on the stomach!"
β€” Karen Mickle (15 May 2019)
"Just finished the Buffalo Grand Slam running 130kms and 9000 metres across 3 days. I used PREPD before and after and found it was awesome in helping me recover and back up. Also tasted good!"
β€” Ed Larkin (4 May 2019)
"I first trialled PREPD over the Tour of Tasmania and while the conditions weren't hot, hydration was still very important. I had an amazing experience with PREPD, and noticed feeling better hydrated with less performance drop near the end of each stage."
β€” Emily Watts, Sydney Uni Staminade Women's Cycling Team
I use it for my key session on the weekends so longer rides and runs. Especially with longer runs, it has been important because for me it has always been hard to get enough fluid in during the run without that sloshy feeling. With Prepd it has been a lot easier and I have not felt as dehydrated throughout the sessions.

The recovery has also been important for me. I have a busy job and I am constantly trying to fit everything in, I have felt much better when I have used the recovery formula. I do sometimes struggle with eating and drinking after longer sessions but being able to have Prepd has meant that I can have something that helps get my body back on track after those sessions. I have previously used protein shakes or the like but they do not really hit the hydration part of the recovery.
β€” Ryley Kleinschmidt (15 April 2019)
"Had my first cramp free long ride today! 5 hours of solid riding on TT bike with 40 minute runoff the bike. Only change I have made is using PREPD. The mango and passion fruit. Tastes pretty good too. Bring on Port Macq Ironman!"
β€” Nick Saunders ( 6 April 2019)
Hi, just wanted to give you some feedback. My son is part of SANFL umpire panel. Last year he suffered with cramping and soreness after boundary umpiring. We heard about Prepd through the Panthers and thought we'd give it a trial this year. He has had 2 trial games where he used the sample pack, prime during the day and then the recovery. Both games he didn't get any cramp. One game was 40 degrees. Last week we compared it to him having a banana at half time and hydration drink, plus hydration drink after the game, he began cramping and had soreness the next day. We will now purchase more prepd to get him through the rest of the year. Thank you so much for creating this product."
β€” Kylie Catz (13 March 2019)
"After using PREPD to boost my hydration over the past year and experiencing the difference first hand, I am confident PREPD is enhancing my performance and can help me run faster marathons."
β€” Kirstin Bull, 100km ultra-marathon World Champion, Australian record holder
"We used PREPD as part of Oscars100 Hut 2 Hut. It’s a 100km course covering 10 summits around Mt Buller (5700m elevation gain). We drank Prime the evening before the event and covered 38km on the first day. We then camped on course for the night. As soon as we arrived at the campsite mid afternoon we drank a Recover and this was followed by a Prime 5 hours later before bed. We completed the final 62km the following day. That evening we consumed another bottle of Recover. The Prime and Recover drinks were well tolerated and complemented our hydration and nutrition plan well. We’ll definitely be using these products for future endurance events."
β€” Tina Nilsson (12 March 2019)
"Just started using PREPD after nutrition issues in last few Ironman & 70.3's. Really happy with results and tastes great. Definitely will be using this more in lead up to Ironman Australia. Fantastic customer service as well."
β€” Matt Craft (25 February 2019)
"Gave the (PREPD) sampler pack a try last week at goondawindi hell of the west and felt strong all the way around especially in the later part of the run where if always struggled. Then was back to training for Ultraman Aus another big week and with another ride/run set this morning I gave the second sampler a go.. Being pretty fatigued, it really helped with today's session look forward to trying it out more and then at Ultraman Aus"
β€” Aaron Blanch (16 February 2019)
"The first time I used PRPED, my hydration levels immediately felt stronger, and I wasn't hunting for fluid like I normally would during an intense training session. I also noticed feeling less fatigued than usual."
β€” Todd Hazelwood, V8 Supercar Driver
"I trialled the PREPD hydration system last weekend. I took the prime at 8pm. I ran 18k in the bush at 5am the following morning. I live in Brisbane and at that time the humidity was quite high. I drank my usual amount of water during the run and lost a lot of sweat. I have 2 bottles of cold water waiting for me when I get back to the car. Normally i would drink them in 15 minutes after a run like that. I drank the PREPD recovery straight away instead. I found that I only needed to drink around 3/4 of one of those bottles of water. That seemed to be all that I needed. I was in the pool for a 3k swim about 1 hour later. And only consumed 1bidden of water during the swim. And had plenty of energy. I would normally get some foot cramping but had none. And didnt need to chase a lot of water after that effort either. So was very impressed with the effect of the PREPD hydration system.

I will be using the system for my longer training sessions and upcoming IronMan events. And would highly recommend PREPD to any endurance athlete."
β€” Troy Knight (29 January 2019)
"Have to say, pretty impressed with my first trial of PREPD. 33 degrees for a 70min run with efforts, so a perfect testing scenario. Subjectively I felt less drained after the session, objectively I hadn’t lost as much weight as previous runs, so I’d say it worked! As a nerd I’ve been reading the studies on the website and am fascinated by the story behind the development of the starch and drink."
β€” Isabelle Claxton (25 January 2019)
"Ran a 3:25:53 marathon yesterday in reasonably warm conditions and did not feel the slightest bit fatigued. Have been using prepd on my Sunday long runs and have noticed a noticeable difference in the lack of perspiration. It's good stuff. Five out of five sweat beads."
β€” Bart Baczyk (14 January 2019)
"The first time I trialled PREPD was on a big 'double day' with a 5 hour, 145km ride followed straight away by a 21km run. It it was also the first really warm day here in Southern California for the year. I’d done a similar session the week before so it was a good way to test the effects of PREPD to see how I would perform.

I took PREPD Prime the night before and did the whole session solely on water. I was absolutely blown away by how good PREPD made me feel, the stuff is amazing! I basically did 6.5 hours of intense exercise and didn’t cramp or feel dehydrated, while the week before, I was fighting cramps deep into the run. I never would have thought I’d feel that good on water without any electrolyte mix.

After the session I used PREPD Recover and the next day I felt fresh and ready to crush my next session. When you're deep into a session or a race and you need to get that little bit more out of your body, PREPD makes the difference."
β€” Nic Dougall, Pro Triathlete
"Trialled PREPD after Ironman WA in training with plans to make it part of my success plan for 70.3 events and above. Taste is great, easy to use and no over thinking of the process. Results in testing was 30% less loss of body mass (through sweat) on long runs at greater intensity and warmer conditions than baseline run. Felt stronger and able to hold higher pace, and importantly recovered to go again the next day. I'll definitely use it on my big training days and as part of race fuelling strategy."
β€” Ivan Dennis (24 December 2018)
"Fantastic product, I used it for WESTERN SYDNEY 70.3 Ironman. The conditions during the day were hot and humid, the product did exactly what it said it would, I was very happy with it. Cheers David & the team."
β€” George Stemmer (19 December 2019)
"After an illness and two stomach operations I'm always been looking for a product that can help in long course triathlons and I've finally found PREPD, l had it at 6pm the night before my 17th Ironman and had no stomach issues at all. Great taste, will be using PREPD again next long training session and race for sure."
β€” Brad Course (5 December 2018)
"The impact PREPD has had on my hydration and performance has been quite remarkable. I now train and race more consistently and with more intensity than ever before. My race day performance, endurance and ability to hold maximal intensities for longer durations has increased to a level above what I thought I was capable of."
β€” Amber Pate, Pro ITU Triathlete
"Over the past few weeks I have been trailing out the PREPD hydration drinks. One the key races that I used it at was Tour of Tasmania, although this race was not under hot condition it was very important to stay well hydrated because of the amount of sweat produced over the race. For me over this time period I had a very positive experience with the drink, I believe in the science behind it and trusted in all the knowledge behind. When I was racing I was having the Pre Hydration before I went to bed which for a hydration drink is a fair amount of time before I actually got started with racing, the science that is behind the time before you should take is what makes the drink so unique and made me want to give it a try. The recovery drink that is consumed after I finished a race was very much refreshing and actually quiet pleasant to drink. For me the recovery drink was very much the most important part of the whole experience because of the fact that I had to back up for three days on a row over the length of the tour."
β€” Emily Watts (3 December 2018)
"PREPD is liquid gold and I used it both pre and post-race for the Taiwan IRONMAN. I experienced no GI issues at all before, during or following the race and I have never felt so hydrated during the run. I achieved my goal of winning my age group and qualifying for the World Championship in Hawaii in 2019. I also managed to be the second female age group athlete finisher overall. I have since used PREPD for Ironman Western Australia 70.3 and have integrated it as part of my training regime. I have no hesitation in recommending PREPD.”
β€” Mary Mitchell (11 October 2018)
"I am convinced PREPD is a game changer and key to reaching my potential. My experience backs up the science, as I have no doubt that PREPD has boosted my hydration, enhancing my performance and ability to train longer and harder."
β€” Steve McKenna, Pro Triathlete


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