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How do I use PREPD?

PREPD is a two-step hydration drink, designed to boost the impact of any sports drink, helping you perform at your peak longer and recover sooner. Consume PREPD alongside your preferred sports or electrolyte drinks and water (rather than replace them) to enhance their hydration effectiveness during and after exercise. PREPD is more delicious if consumed ice cold and shaken well.

  • Consume PREPD PRIME between 6-12 hours prior to exercise.
  • Consume PREPD RECOVER immediately after exercise.

Is PREPD certified?

The PREPD range of products are tested and certified by HASTA, a World Anti-Doping (WADA) accredited laboratory to give confidence that each production batch has been tested for over 200 ASADA banned substances.

The unique resistant starch in PREPD is commonly found in small quantities in food products and has been granted GRAS (generally regarded as safe) status by the FDA as a medical food.

Does PREPD contain added sugar and/or artificial sweetener?

PREPD contains glucose at low concentrations known to be optimal for hydration (~5g/100ml). PREPD is also sweetened with sucralose, a modified form of table sugar, which has an excellent safety profile with no known concerns. When selecting sucralose, we consulted with the inventors who are clinician Gastroenterologists to select the most appropriate artificial sweetener that would not interfere with the fluid absorption process.

  • Prime, we worked with sports dietitians to ensure that it was a healthy amount.  (In the Ready To Drink range the simple sugars (glucose and fructose) have come from the natural fruit extracts being used to flavour the drink.)
  • Recover, the amount of glucose has been determined by the science and the optimal amount needed to facilitate uptake of fluid in the small intestine.  Fluid absorption in the small intestine is mediated by glucose, so you need some to be in the drink.

What does PREPD taste like?

The PREPD Ready to Drink range is fruit based, the drinks taste like a delicious fruit smoothie. The Ready to Drink range is thicker than expected due to our patented formulation of resistant starch.

The PREPD Powder range tastes like a milkshake whether it is mixed with water or milk. The reaction from our customers when they taste test the powder is –  “wow, that actually tastes good”!

What is Resistant Starch?

The unique resistant starch in PREPD is resistant to digestion and acts as a prebiotic (food for good bacteria in the large intestine) in the gut. As the resistant starch is consumed by the good bacteria, a special combination of short-chain-fatty-acids are produced. Extensive medical research shows that this combination of short-chain-fatty-acids has been found to optimally promote fluid absorption in the large intestine, which has a largely untapped potential to absorb up to an extra 5L of fluid per day.

How does the body absorb fluid with resistant starch?

The small intestine must absorb massive quantities of water. A normal person takes in roughly 1 to 2 litres of dietary fluid every day. By the time the ingesta enters the large intestine, approximately 80% of this fluid has been absorbed. The large intestine has 3 primary functions: absorbing water and electrolytes, producing and absorbing vitamins, and forming and propelling faeces toward the rectum for elimination. Resistant starch has been proved to promote absorption of fluid in the large intestine whilst maintaining optimal absorption in the small intestine.

Does PREPD have any side-effects?

The vast majority of people consuming PREPD will notice no gut tolerance issues whatsoever. However, the unique resistant starch in PREPD is derived from maize (corn) and is a source of dietary fibre. A small proportion of people who may not have similar kinds starches and fibre in their diet, may experience mild bloating and or gas the first time they use PREPD. If this occurs, rest assured that 1) this means the resistant starch is working to enhance hydration, and 2) after a couple of uses the gut quickly adapts, and these symptoms should disappear.

Can Prepd prevent cramping?

The short answer is yes. However, PREPD must be used as an hydration enhancer. PREPD compliments your normal hydration strategy, as it works by increasing the absorption of water and other electrolytes consumed during exercise by 30+ %. Our Recover product will assist post exercise as well.


Yes, the PREPD ready to drink range in both the Prime & Recover are gluten free, lactose free.  The Mango/Passionfruit flavour in both Prime and Recover is vegan friendly.

The Powder range is Gluten Free, however the powder is milk based, so it is not vegan friendly or lactose free.


Those of you who are versed in the low-FODMAP diet will know that FODMAPs are fermentable carbohydrates. The science is complex, but it is safe to say that FODMAPs are certain kinds of carbohydrates that differ from resistant starch, although both may be present in the same foods.

Resistant starch is fermentable, but gas output is much smaller than that of the FODMAPs. FODMAP researchers actually suggest that people on the low-FODMAP diet make it a point to take in resistant starch for its beneficial qualities for gut bacteria. This recommendation comes from the concern that it is unknown what the long-term effect of FODMAP restriction is on the bacterial balance within the gut.


Standard shipping takes between 2-3 days for delivery within Australia. If ordered before 12.00pm express post is usually next day delivery within Australia.


All international post is quoted per order. For international orders, we ship via DHL Couriers and we can provide you with a quote if you wish to do so. Please send us an email here –

For international stockists, we are currently stocked in Singapore in Little Farms Grocer.


Yes, PREPD products can be transported in your normal luggage. This is what many of our athletes do currently. The PREPD powder sachets are best for travelling. Light weight and easily mixed into milk or water.

PREPD is shelf stable – no need for refrigeration. But they do taste better chilled from the fridge.

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