Game changing post-workout hydration drink that provides a rehydration boost in the 24 hours after exercise.

Consumed immediately after exercise it will help your body recover faster so that you can go again at your best.

PREPD Recover drinks also include prebiotic fibre for gut health, strengthening your immune system.

Perfect to keep in the fridge and drink post training iced cold. Remember to shake well!

8x recover drinks pack. Choose from strawberry + kiwi or mango + passionfruit flavours.

How To Use


  1. In a shaker mix 1 powder sachet/X scoops of powder with 300ml of water and/or milk.
  2. Add ice and shake well.
  3. Consume PRIME 12-18 hours before exercise, and RECOVER immediately after exercise.
  4. Expect a smoothie like texture with delicious taste.
  5. Hydrate with water during and after exercise, whilst also eating nutritious food throughout the day as you normally would.


  1. Keep drinks cold in the fridge.
  2. Shake well before consuming.
  3. Consume PRIME 12-18 hours before exercise, and RECOVER immediately after exercise.
  4. Expect a smoothie like texture with delicious taste.
  5. Hydrate with water during and after exercise, whilst also eating nutritious food throughout the day as you normally would.

When Will I See Results

During Exercise

Athletic performance: perform at a higher level with better energy.
Endurance: maintain your peak performance for longer.

After Exercise

Recovery: refuel your body faster after exercise.
Reduced fatigue: maintain your energy levels after exercise.

Day to Day Life

Gut health: your immune system and general health improve.
Improved cognition: maintain your focus for longer.

Macros per Serving





Our Unique Formula

We use a unique formula of resistant starch and electrolyes in our products. It’s proven to enhance fluid absorption and performance.

Product Features

Hasta, Vegan, Lactose Free, Low Sugar, Gluten Free


What is PREPD?

PREPD is an Australian born hydration enhancer designed to increase athletic performance and recovery by incorporating the life-saving science of Resistant Starch developed by the World Health Organisation, for third-world communities.

We conducted an independent peer-reviewed study which illustrated how our sports optimised Resistant Starch Formula can reduce body mass loss, through sweat, by up to 85% and increase fluid absorption by up to 39%. These astounding results mean you can consistently train harder and recover quicker, putting you on the fast track to achieving your health goals!

How Does PREPD Work?

PREPD is designed to enhance the body's ability to absorb fluid, allowing you to perform at your peak longer and recover sooner. Consume PREPD alongside your preferred sports or electrolyte drinks and water (rather than replace them) to enhance their hydration effectiveness during and after exercise.

For the ultimate hydration boost we have created a Two-Step Hydration system:

PRIME before exercise to boost performance
RECOVER after exercise to enhance the repair of damaged tissue.

To read more about the exact science behind PREPD please visit our science page here

What's in PREPD Recover?

Designed for enhanced rehydration, PREPD Recover is hypotonic (low in sugar) and has an optimal blend of electrolytes to rapidly replenish fluids and salts. In addition, added resistant starch provides a rehydration boost in the 24 hours following exertion and should be consumed immediately after training and competition.

PREPD Recover Powder range has the additional benefits of Whey Protein Isolate and Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's) to optimise muscle repair.

What is PREPD Prime?

PREPD Prime is a performance enhancer based on ground breaking science. zIt is designed to deliver an optimal dose of our unique resistant starch which unlocks the gut's full hydration potential. This helps you start better hydrated and absorb fluid more effectively when you need to perform. PREPD Prime MUST be consumed 12-18 hours before a workout, training or competition to allow for gut absorption.

What is Resistant Starch...? It's fibre!

Used in all our products, our unique resistant starch formula is high in dietary fibre, resistant to digestion and acts as a prebiotic (food for good bacteria in the large intestine) for the gut. As the resistant starch is consumed by the good bacteria, a special combination of short-chain-fatty-acids are produced. Extensive medical research shows that this combination of short-chain-fatty-acids has been found to optimally promote fluid absorption in the large intestine, which has a largely untapped potential to absorb up to an extra 5L of fluid per day.

Is PREPD gluten free, lactose free or vegan friendly?

Yes, PREPD Drinks are all gluten free & lactose free. The Mango/Passionfruit flavour is also Vegan friendly.

The PREPD Powder range is gluten free, however the powder is milk based, so it is not vegan friendly or lactose free.

Can Recover & Prime be taken separately?


As we understand it can be hard to coordinate our Two-Step Hydration system at times, which is why many of our customers regularly use Recover and Prime independelty of eachother to suit their needs.

Both Recover and Prime will suitably meet your recovery and perfomance needs outside of the Two-Step Hydration system. Our best selling product the Recover Powder Tub is a great option for post-workout recovery.

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