What is PREPD? [Product Page Tab]

PREPD helps you lose less sweat so you can recover faster. Peer reviewed independent studies have shown that our patented resistant-starch formula can reduce body mass loss by up to 85% and increase fluid absorption by up to 39%, meaning you can consistently train harder for longer to achieve your fitness goals.

We have broken our products into a two step system, before exercise to boost performance (Prime) and after exercise to enhance recovery (Recover). Unlike other sports drinks, we specialise in ensuring you have an exceptionally strong base at the start of exercise which will carry you through to the end and supercharge the effects of other hydration products.
Your recovery from exercise is just as important as the preparation which comes before it, so we’ve packed our Recover powder with Whey Protein Isolate, BCAA’s (Leucine) and our patented resistant-starch formula so your sore muscles can recover faster and stronger than with just normal hydration methods alone!