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VALUE SUMMER PACK – drinks, sachets, hat, bottle

$151.95 $121.50 AUD
Boost hydration, increase athletic performance, recover faster with our mixed drinks and powder sachets. Plus stay cool this summer with our PREPD hat and drink bottle.
  • Mixed 8 pack - drinks.
    • 4x prime (pre-workout hydration)
    • 4x recover (post-workout hydration)
    • Mixed mango & passionfruit + strawberry & kiwi flavours
    • Smoothie-like texture, deliciously tasty.
  • Mixed 16 pack - Powder sachets.
    • 8 x prime (pre-workout hydration)
    • 8 x recover (post-workout hydration + protein)
    • Mixed chocolate and vanilla flavours
    • Mix the powder with water/milk and ice for a delicious shake-like drink
  • PREPD Hat
  • PREPD 650ml Drink Bottle
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