Q&A with Amber Pate

What are your training goals for Summer 2019?

My goal is to continue consistent training and competition throughout the 2019 summer. Over the course of Jan and the start of Feb, I have a period of racing every weekend, and a couple of mid week races. My goal is to hit all these races as best I can, which I will do by ensuring recovery is adequate throughout training and racing. I will be using PREPD Recover after every race to bounce back and hit the new week of training well.

What is most important for your preparation leading into competition?

The most important part of my preparation leading into competition (aside from self belief and the mental side – which is very important) is the nutrition and hydration in the days leading into the race. If the race isn’t an A race, then I often come into it slightly fatigued, so nutrition is key. The night before my race regardless of how I feel I have PREPD Prime to set my up for the race. Now that I use PREPD, I no longer use additional supplementation prior to my races as I don’t react well to sugary Electrolyte/ Gels Pre race.

How do you approach hydration over the summer?

Getting hydration correct over summer is extremely important. I keep my water intake up throughout the day leading into a session, obviously use water throughout every single session, and focus on water intake following. Depending on the training day I drink anything from 3-5L a day. On long ride days it will be more. I use PREPD Prime leading into large training days (usually around 3-4 times a week) and I use PREPD Recover immediately after each session.

How have you integrated PREPD into your training and competition routine and what difference has it made to your performance and recovery?

PREPD is now the main hydration/ nutrition product I use. Utilised prior to every single race and on the larger training days, I am able to train harder for longer, and I recover far more effectively. Following sessions I am consistently more hydrated, and I am able to return to training the following day with consistent levels of energy and am able to hit hard sessions far more consistently. Since using PREPD my training load has also increased significantly, yet my recovery and ability to bounce back from hard days, and back up hard weeks has improved.

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