Q&A with Kirstin Bull

What are your training goals for Summer 2019?

January is always a good time to set new goals and reflect on the year that was. My aim for the next few months is to improve my strength and flexibility in order to enhance my running efficiency and speed.

Flexibility is essential for day to day movement. As our years of running increase, our bodies become stiffer and tighter. Although I have chosen not to race competitively this year due to other commitments, focusing on and achieving new personal goals gives me a sense of personal satisfaction and happiness.

I am also looking forward to training and assisting a number of my runners to achieve their goals.

What is most important for your preparation leading into competition?

Nutrition, rest and recovery are the most important components leading into a race. No matter how much training I may have done, the taper (rest and recover) is essential in ensuring I arrive to the start line rested and ready to race. Nutrition and hydration are equally as important. In the lead up to the World 100km Championship in 2016, I was very mindful eat and drink enough prior to the race. I wanted complete confidence that I was adequately fuelled in order to reach my greatest potential.

How do you approach hydration over the summer?

Given I live in Melbourne, the weather is very unpredictable day to day. Reviewing the weather prior to hard quality sessions or long runs allows me to adjust the amount I drink prior to, during and after a session.

How have you integrated PREPD into your training and competition routine and what difference has it made to your performance and recovery?

Since trialing PREPD and seeing the benefits, I have now incorporated it into my training regime twice a week. I drink Prime the morning before my evening quality session or the night before my weekend long run. I always look forward to the Recovery drink after each session.

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