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Q&A with Rebecca Butler

What are your training goals for Summer 2019?

This summer I am focused predominantly on mileage and elevation for rough trail mountain endurance races later in the year. At the same time however I am focused on building speed momentum post my 200+milers in the 2nd half of 2018 that saw me slow down in order to go further.

What is most important for your preparation leading into competition?

What is most important for me leading into competition is maintaining balance, strength, perspective and purpose.

As athletes, we participate in races as a complete self that consists of our commitment to and intensity of our training, our every single day of hydration and nutrition, recovery, our attention to our body and our mind, how we deal with our responsibilities, our ambitions and our own story. We are a complete self. David Suzuki tells a story about a particular ecosystem in the USA Pacific North West and how the delicate ecosystem that exists between the sea and the forests, fish, microbes and bear, is broken apart and “managed” by distinct government departments, including the Department of Water, the Department of Forest Services, Department of Fish and Wildlife, Department of Environmental Protection, the Department of Water Services and so on. The balanced ecosystem is suddenly disconnected and it is the same with humans. As athletes we need to connect back to our internal ecosystem so that when we make our way to the start line our mind and body is interconnected. Injuries, aches and pains, gut issues, hydration and fuelling, training and recovery, motivation, joy, concentration and run mojo: are all connected and all equally part of our athletic self. We can’t blame an injury or gut issues for a lack of race success for we are that injury or that gut issue. If we train hard but ignore an injury or adequate daily fuelling, or gut health, our trained self is an injured trained self, or a poorly hydrated or nourished trained self.

In consideration of this, I am aware that what is most important to me, in a lead up to competition is balancing the elements of the mind and the body that creates a complete trained me.

How do you approach hydration over the summer?

I drink a reasonable quantity of water during the day but probably only as much as most healthy people.  When I am out for my long days and/or hard days I usually only take water with me and some fuel such as Pure gels or Cliff blocks and real food.  I don’t feel like I need much when I am out there.
During the day I will often also have an electrolyte drink such as Nuun.  I will also have a protein shake using Infinit RAW and perhaps a Tailwind Rebuild.

How have you integrated PREPD into your training and competition routine and what difference has it made to your performance and recovery?

Generally I take PREPD Prime two to three times a week before hard training sessions and I follow up with PREPD Recover after each of those sessions.

Since taking PREPD I have noticed that my general hydration levels have changed substantially. In very hot weather I am able to maintain good levels of exertion even on low fuel. My training is consistently improving without becoming as easily fatigued and I am better able to push through the burn that often accompanies hard climbing sessions. On PREPD I am not feeling like I need to take long periods of recovery or take on intermittent mild weeks as I previously did.

But PREPD is doing more than making my hydration, endurance and recovery work better for me. The prebiotic qualities of PREPD, along with my natural food intake, has restored my gut health which has meant my body is absorbing nutrients better, is becoming better nourished and therefore also keeping my mind sharp, focused and alert.

PREPD is now an important part of the ecosystem that is my trained self.

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