Review on how PREPD enabled Emily Watts to push through 9 days on racing in Tweed

Coming into the National Road series in Tweed which consisted of 9 days of racing I had two big worries these were management in the heat and fueling for ever race.

My protocol to compete this was a PREPD Prime every night and immediately after every race PREPD Recovery.

Over the course of the week I felt that the PREPD was most beneficial when the temperature hit over 40 degrees.

Coming into the 6th day we had the day before temperatures around 40-42 degrees Celsius, the benefits I saw with the PREPD was when the heat rose throughout the race I was not physically feeling lethargic on the bike.

Also through the 39% more absorption of fluids per day and boosts hydration for up to 18 hours after consumption it resulted in the water that I was carrying on my bike to be better ultilised within my body and decreasing my risk of dehydration.

The recovery was the best to get instant carbs in to help further with recovery for the next day. With the amazing flavor of the chocolate, it was just like a milkshake every night before bed

📸Roderick De Guzman