Sweat loss & indoor training sessions

Cold and rainy outside?

During winter we are more likely to train indoors. 

Keeping up with your hydration and adding PREPD to your indoor training routine is as important as if you were out and about. 

We asked Steve McKenna (pro triathlete) to share with us how much fluid he would loose with his indoor training.

To do this, he didn’t take any PREPD Prime before.

His session was: 4hr indoor bike + 75min easy run off the bike on the treadmill

Weight loss: 3kgs over the 5hr session.

Consumption of food: 2x gels (70g total), 1x energy bar (50g), 1 x can of tuna  (100g) and rice mide ride (150g) = 370g

Consumption of fluid: 3 bottles of fluid 750ml x 3 = 2.25L

Total consumption of fluid + food was around 2.5kg.

This means he lost around 5.5L.

Which means just over 1L per hour of fluid/sweat loss 💦

Did you know that a 2% body weight loss from dehydration can impair sports performance by up to 30%?

Make sure you add PREPD also to your indoor training sessions.