SAFETY: Through Hydration

SAFETY is your solution for long workdays and moments of fatigue. We crafted SAFETY to help you think clearer and feel better, so you can perform at work! Trust in SAFETY to keep you alert and energised throughout the day.

Fights fatigue to keep you alert

Increased Hydration
Boosts hydration for safety & wellness

Increased Focus
Sharpens focus for precision tasks

Increased Concentration
Enhances concentration for safer decision-making

Our Mission:

Keeping employees safe and improving their health with smarter hydration.

Industry Feedback

"Our team works in hot, humid and remote conditions. We need to reduce our heat stress risks as much as possible. We tried SAFETY with one of our teams and they felt better hydrated and slept better. We decided to implement SAFETY across a broad range of our maintenance teams to cope with thermal stress."

Tristan Lynn  - Health Safety & Safeworking Superintendent At Rio Tinto