4 Benefits of Smoothies For School Children: An Advantage+ Guide

Written by Samantha Coppinger | Accredited Practising Sports Dietitian

9 February 2024

As parents, ensuring our children have the energy and focus required for school is a top priority. However, finding convenient and nutritious snacks can be a challenge. But what if we told you there's a solution? Smoothies! Discover how smoothies like Advantage+ can benefit your child’s school performance, health, and overall wellbeing! 

Advantage+: The BEST Smoothie For School Children

Advantage+ by PREPD utilises over twenty-five years of medical research from Flinders and Yale Universities to offer a hydration solution geared towards aiding dehydration and its prevention. With a blend of education and innovative scientific methods, our product utilises sustained fibre, an ingredient pioneered by PREPD to enhance hydration.

Advantage+ is a ready-to-drink liquid breakfast, available in two delicious, low-sugar smoothie flavours. This formula has been crafted to make hydration enjoyable and more-convenient for your child’s school routine!

4 Benefits of Smoothies for School Children

1. Time and Convenience:

Firstly, smoothies are time-efficient and convenient options for parents and children alike. They effortlessly combine fruits, vegetables, and protein sources into a single bottle, enabling parents to prepare or purchase a quick snack (like Advantage+) that covers numerous food groups.

This efficiently reduces the time required to source snacks and pack lunchboxes. Further, this is also more convenient to consume—particularly for children who might have difficultly eating certain foods.


2. Increased Energy:

Incorporating smoothies into your child's morning school routine can also provide a boost in energy levels! Fruit-based smoothies offer a combination of healthy dietary fibres and natural sugars (often lost in school snacks and drinks), which have been scientifically-proven to leave children feeling more-energised (NWPF Nutrition 2023).

This enables your child to succeed with the vital fuel needed to thrive in every lesson, game, and endeavour they pursue! 

3. Improved School Performance:

Smoothies play a pivotal role in enhancing school performance by offering low-sugar contents that prevent a sugar crash. Many lunchbox snacks sold on the market have high-sugar contents, proven to increase the body's insulin levels and decrease blood glucose (Friedberg 2023). Negatively, this contributes to:

  • Decreased cognitive functioning
  • Poor attention-spans
  • Decreased memory.

Combined, this may lower your child's performance throughout the school day, contributing to poor grades and decreased learning. Smoothies, such as Advantage+, offer a healthier alternative by supplying the essential sugars required and bundling our formula with vitamins and minerals crucial for healthy growth and development! 

child concentrating

4. Increased Hydration

Lastly, smoothies are an excellent tool for maintaining optimal hydration levels. Studies from Escalona Navarro et al. (2015) and Slavin and Lloyd (2012) have shown that the liquid-composition of smoothies will significantly boost our body's water levels, helping us stay hydrated and prevent the following dehydration symptoms:

  • Extreme thirst
  • Tiredness and confusion
  • Fainting and/or dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Low blood pressure. 

Dehydration can transform simple school tasks into challenging endeavours, and pose additional health risks for your children. Smoothies, in conjunction with the recommended daily water intake, ensure that your child remains adequately hydrated throughout the school day, fostering a sense of refreshment, alertness, and readiness to confront any challenges head-on!

Final Thoughts

To conclude, smoothies are a fantastic option for parents looking to provide their children with a nutritious and convenient snack for school! With their high-fibre content and low-sugar options, they can significantly increase your child's energy, school productivity and learning, and overall hydration and wellbeing. 

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