4 Ways PREPD Can Help Improve Your Sleep

Reviewed by our Expert Panel
6 December 2022

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Are you tired of tossing and turning in bed, trying to get to sleep? What if we told you that the key to revitalising this, and energising your mornings is good hydration!

Explore how PREPD can improve your sleep quality as we discuss the fascinating link between sleep and hydration. 

The Vital Role of Hydration: PREPD discusses the importance of hydration and how this impact the human body.

The Link Between Hydration and Sleep: Drawing on several sleep hydration studies & two decades of PREPD's research from esteemed institutions like Flinders and Yale Universities, we identify the strong connection between hydration and a good night's sleep. 

Stay PREPD and Sleep Well: By consuming PREPD and staying hydrated, there are many health benefits that can contribute to uninterrupted sleep.

Hydration: Why is it Important?

Approximately 60% of the human body consists of water (USGS 2019) required for our tissues, organs, and cells to operate and repair themselves.

Adults lose approximately 2-3 litres of fluid daily, while high-exertive activities can rapidly increase this loss to 3-4 litres per hour (National Library of Medicine 2022). This necessitates the need to hydrate by replacing fluid/water lost daily, so our bodies can function and you can perform at your best!

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The Vital Connection Between Hydration and Sleep

While hydration is often linked with discussions of exercise and warm weather, the impact this has on sleep is widely unknown.

According to Rosinger et al.’s (2019) co-study on hydration and sleep, it was identified from 20,000 American and Chinese participants that those who received the recommended 8-9 hours of sleep were well-hydrated, while dehydrated participants recorded six or fewer hours of interrupted rest. High-quality sleep is vital to:

  • Body repair and recovery
  • Developing the brain
  • Strengthening our metabolism
  • Improving our memory & cognitive functioning.

Rosinger et al.’s research suggests an important link between hydration and sleep quality, no matter our lifestyle. Therefore, it is necessary to be conscious of your fluid intake daily to ensure you are hydrated and allow your body to sleep well.

How Much Water Does Your Body Need?

Many doctors argue that 8-10 glasses of water per day is suitable for maintaining good hydration. However, as mentioned, the rate at which you lose water/fluid can significantly increase if you:

  • Undertake high-exertive activities
  • Are exposed to warm weather/conditions.

TIPS FOR GOOD HYDRATION: Be aware of the hydration-levels required for your daily routine & adjust accordingly, set reminders to drink water throughout the day & importantly, monitor your body for signs of dehydration (i.e., dry mouth, dry lips, thirst, tiredness).

PREPD: A Scientific Approach to Hydration

PREPD is a hydration enhancer backed by over 20 years of scientific research. Utilising our resistant starch formula, which unlocks up to an additional 5L of fluid in the large intestine, our two-step PRIME and RECOVER hydration drinks can significantly help improve your hydration, allowing you to perform your best for longer, recover faster and sleep better.

Good hydration is necessary to improve your sleep, so your body can rejuvinate for the next day. Here are 4 ways PREPD’s hydration strategy can help you avoid an interrupted night of sleep!

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4 Ways PREPD Can Help Improve Your Sleep:

1. Decreased Thirst

While this first point may seem obvious, it is one of the leading contributors to poor sleep! When your body is dehydrated, a part of the brain (known as the hypothalamus) releases a signal, informing the kidneys to retain their fluid. However, where this fluid is unavailable, your body’s dehydration worsens (Rosinger et al. 2019; Harvard Health 2022) and this signal continually emits—increasing the likelihood of you waking up to drink.

Further, thirst can cause a dry mouth, often painful enough to disturb sleep. This can interrupt the vital REM (rapid eye movement) cycle at our deepest point of rest and contribute to morning fatigue (Aristotelous, 2017; Rosinger et al., 2019).

PREPD is scientifically proven to increase hydration, helping your body prevent this thirst. Utilising our hydration drinks’ ability to unlock up to an additional 5L of water in the large intestine, PREPD can help you maintain optimal hydration during the day, allowing your brain to access this fluid needed overnight, decrease thirst, and avoid interrupting a good night’s sleep.

2. Reduced Muscle Cramping

Muscle cramping (caused by poor hydration) is also a common cause of sleep interruption—with aches and pains increasing your chances of waking in discomfort.

Our two-step hydration strategy is scientifically engineered to store water in the muscles and provide oxygen, electrolytes, and nutrients to support them, preventing cramping. By consuming PREPD and maintaining your body/lifestyle’s recommended daily fluid intake, this increased water and nutrients in your muscles will help them feel more relaxed at night. In so doing, this will reduce the risk of painful cramps interrupting your sleep, and contributing to discomfort the following day.

3. Reduced Headaches

According to Harvard Health (2022), good hydration can also significantly decrease headaches, which create sleep difficulty. This is because when the body is dehydrated, your brain shrinks to release a signal, telling your tissues and other biological systems to consume water. However, this pressurises the nerves in your brain, resulting in mild-to-severe headaches (Cleveland Clinic 2022; Harvard Health 2022) and feelings of nausea and discomfort, which often make relaxing difficult.

By maintaining a good fluid intake daily and taking advantage of PREPD (which increases fluid absorption by up to 30%), we can help you remain hydrated throughout the day, and prevent and ease any headaches—allowing your brain to restore itself to its normal size, so you can fall asleep faster, enjoy a longer, pain-free rest, and be motivated the next day!

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4. Improved Mental Health

While bedtime is considered peaceful, it can also be a time of intense thought-processing, which makes falling asleep difficult, and can contribute to poor mental health. As Brandt et al. (2016) have identified, a lack of sleep combined with dehydration can impact your body’s cognitive functioning and hormones by developing feelings of:

  • Stress and worry
  • Anger
  • Tension.

As a result, these feelings can create difficulty in easing your mind and increase the risk of poor mental health. Therefore, good hydration is essential to improving your body’s mental state and ability to relax and sleep at night (Aristotelous 2017).

PREPD is scientifically proven to increase your cognitive health, which can help dispel these poor thoughts—allowing you to sleep peacefully and, overall, improve your mood and mental health.

Transform Your Sleep with PREPD Hydration:

While the impact poor hydration has on sleep is still widely unknown, it is evidently important. High-quality sleep strengthens your brain’s cognitive functioning and control of your other biological systems. As such, maintaining your hydration throughout the day, and recording 8-9 hours of sleep per night is imperative to ensuring our minds and bodies are healthy and can perform at their best!

Unlock Better Sleep today by purchasing PREPD’s two-step hydration strategy, scientifically proven to enhance your body’s hydration and health!

"Typically after tough training sessions, I struggle to sleep because I cannot rehydrate fully before I go to bed at night. The thing I really noticed with PREPD was in the peak of Summer, I was able to sleep really well."

Tim Reed – IRONMAN World Champion