Our Story


PREPD’s history is rooted in over 20 years of collaborative medical research between Flinders and Yale Universities.

Our research team’s original goal was to create a better oral rehydration solution (ORS) to treat severe dehydration in developing countries where lives were lost through severe dehydration from diseases like cholera and rotavirus.

Their efforts focused on enhancing total water absorption in the body by tapping into the largely unused potential in the large intestine to absorb up to 5L of fluid per day. 

Using a unique resistant starch (RS), our research team developed a patent-pending RS-ORS, which was able to enhance hydration and improve health outcomes by 39% compared with the World Health Organisations’ recommended ORS.

Read the original case study HERE


Through a joint venture focussed on innovation between Flinders University and the Adelaide Football Club, the technology’s application to enhance elite athlete hydration and performance was identified. 

After a clinical trial with the Adelaide Crows in 2014 it was demonstrated that the newly adapted two-step PREPD hydration system was providing outstanding results to the elite players:

  1. Improved starting hydration
  2. Enhanced fluid absorption during exertion
  3. Enhanced rehydration in recovery when compared with drinking leading sports drinks only. 
  4. During the trial period athletes drinking PREPD lost a remarkable 85% less body weight overall. 

Results from the trial have now been published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

Read more about the findings HERE


Check out 9 NEWS video about PREPD’s launch and it’s clinical trial with the Adelaide Crows



Following the original medical research and the Adelaide Crows Football trial, some further testing and development has been done.

We have now successfully trialled and tested PREPD with over 200 athletes across a diverse range of sports including triathlon, cycling, running, AFL, soccer, netball, motorsport, netball, rowing and surfing.

PREPD launched in 2018, and it can be said that this is truly a significant step change in sports hydration since Gatorade was born. 

We are not a normal sports drink, in fact you drink PREPD alongside your normal hydration methods (i.e. sports drinks or water). PREPD is taken before and after your workout/training/competition (not during). Our unique two-step prime and recover formulation has been found to: 

  • Experience less cramping
  • Fewer headaches after exercise
  • Feeling less thirsty during exercise
  • Lower reduction in weight from fluid loss
  • Lighter coloured urine (better hydrated)
  • More energetic
  • Able to maintain consistent performance
  • Faster recovery post exercise.