PREPD - The Ultimate Hydration Enhancer

Proven to decrease fluid loss by 85%

We exist to support your athletic endeavour by not allowing dehydration to impede your performance.

When Will I See Results

During Exercise

Athletic performance: perform at a higher level with better energy.
Endurance: maintain your peak performance for longer.

After Exercise

Recovery: refuel your body faster after exercise.
Reduced fatigue: maintain your energy levels after exercise.

Day to Day Life

Gut health: your immune system and general health improve.
Improved cognition: maintain your focus for longer.

Dehydration Will Hold You Back

Heavy sweating can lead to a significant drop in hydration, leading to higher injury risk, poorer decision making, loss in power output & so much more...

PREPD's One-Of-A-Kind
Hydration Formula

Our products are clinically proven to reduce fluid loss by 85%, minimising the effects of dehydration to boost your performance.