sarah jeavons wearing prepd shirt and prepd bottle

Sarah Jeavons - PREPD Customer in Focus

This week we sat down with Sarah Jeavons, who’s been an avid customer of PREPD for the last six months and great supporter of the brand. From travelling the world as a dating coach to being a mentor for young teenagers, Sarah has always strived to live her life to the fullest. Pushing herself in life, sport and work to achieve anything she sets her mind to!

sarah jeavons wearing prepd shirt and prepd bottle
Hi Sarah, we’d love to get to know you so please tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.
Hey there fellow PREPD hydration hackers!

My name is Sarah and I am a dating and relationships coach! I spent 2 years travelling the world with one of the world’s largest dating company where I ran over 140 events for them in 75 cities! I had so much fun helping people develop social confidence by taking to the streets, bars and clubs… kind of like Will Smith from the movie Hitch! 

Now I have my own coaching business where I help busy everyday people connect and develop quality relationships! Aside from that, I am also a mentor for the KickStartForKids charity where I get to impact young teens and help them thrive in those somewhat turbulent years of life!! I know I would have loved a mentor back then too! If you would love to volunteer and help kids too they are always on the hunt for motivated people who want to give back to our kids!

And in my free time you will find me on the tennis court, in the boxing ring or running around in the park with friends and my partner’s kids who I adore!

How have you been handling COVID-19 so far? What has been keeping you busy in and out of lock-downs and restrictions?

Keeping busy throughout COVID-19 has been tough at times and so I make it a non-negotiable to always reach out to friends over zoom and get outdoors. 
I am blessed to be able to run my coaching sessions over zoom and having the ocean right next door has been a life saver for me!

What is one of your best sporting memories?

One of my best sporting memories is playing for the Pat Cash Tennis Academy up in Hope Island in Queensland! I was in tennis heaven. I got to train almost everyday with some of the best coaches and reached new levels with not only my tennis but my mental toughness and resilience. For those of you who play tennis or any sport like it, you know how intense the pressure can get when you’re alone out on that court in 40 degree heat, down 5-2 in the final set and you just have to find a way to dig deeper and not give up. I’ve managed to come back and win by simply keeping my head in the game and focusing on just getting that ball back over the net!

You’ve been a great supporter of PREPD, how has it benefited you?

PREPD has been a game-changer for my everyday life! I usually have it before and after I train or play competitions but lately I have been having it daily to keep up with my busy work days! I have noticed that I have more energy, I’m focussed for longer and my recovery time is a lot faster! 

If you are wanting a product that supports a busy life of training, work or keeping up with the kids then I would highly recommend having a supply of PREPD hydration in your corner! I not only love the product but the team behind the brand is another reason I love being a part of this community. They have spent years researching and developing a product that helps support people in achieving more and they really value building quality relationships with others which is huge for me! 

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