From 3K to 42K: An Amateur Runner's Journey to the Tokyo Marathon with PREPD

24 March 2023

Discover the inspiring journey of Sam Rose, from a beginner runner to finishing 7th in the Australian men’s category at the Tokyo Marathon. Learn how PREPD products helped him prepare for and succeed during the race, and get tips for improving your own hydration strategy and performance. Don't miss out on this exciting story of one runner's journey with the help of PREPD!

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"I would encourage everyone to give PREPD a go! Whether this be someone who is newly invested into running or a long-time running enthusiast, there is endless performance to gain through PREPD." - Sam Rose

  • When did you start running competitively? What inspired you to take up this sport?

Just like many others, I started my journey of running during the COVID-19 Lockdown in 2020. I started with a simple 3km loop around the park which eventuated into my first marathon only months later. Seeing the constant improvement left me hungry & motivated for more. Little did I know I would stumble into a community that gave me so many different connections. Truly changing my life & making me a better & happier person.

  • How do you balance your running goals with your work and personal life? What are some of the challenges or sacrifices that come with being an amateur runner?

Just like everything in life, finding balance is always tricky. I work a white-collar 9-5 desk job, so finding time to run typically comes before sunrise. From my perspective, it always comes down to motivation & how badly I want to achieve my goal. I’d typically set myself internal expectations & then become a creature of habit to constantly strive towards that goal.

  • Congratulations on finishing 7th in the Australian men’s category at the Tokyo Marathon. That’s an incredible achievement. How did you prepare for this race? How did PREPD products fit into your training plan?

It is a great achievement in my journey of running & seeing hard work & dedication pay off. Following a dedicated running program with the help of local running communities played an integral part in a successful training block up to Tokyo. More importantly, outside the training were the foods & fuel I was consuming to have the ability to keep up with the busy schedule. Generally, I sweat a lot in normal conditions, and having PREPD assist with taking fluids into the system meant dehydration was less likely to drag me down during longer marathon sessions. Finding a balance between nutrition & hydration was made easy with PREPD & I could perform at my peak successfully throughout training.

  • Can you walk us through your race day experience? How did you feel before, during and after the marathon? What were some of the highlights and lowlights of the race?

Like every race, the nerves were high the night before. Being in a foreign country, it was somewhat daunting not having the typical foods & nutrition on hand. Outside some convenience store pasta, I was more than grateful to have a PREPD Prime Sachet on hand, it definitely calmed the nerves & probably the stomach! On race day, everything went seemingly well. Yes, there were highs, lows & struggles, but these are all part of the marathon experience.

  • How did PREPD products help you during and after the race?

I’ve always struggled to find the right performance & hydration fuel throughout my training, not to mention being overwhelmed by all the different products in the market. In preparation for events & races, there is nothing more boring than consuming the typical white rice, that’s where PREPD Prime was a game-changer. Race day eve, I was able to eat a normal balanced dinner & have a Prime Powder Sachet for dessert knowing I was getting the fuel I needed for the following day. Travelling with the sachets was also super easy, as the multiple pairs of shoes take up a lot of space!

  • What are some benefits or advantages of using PREPD products over other hydration products in the market?

Most protein supplements are advertised to do it all: muscle development, weight loss, appetite suppression, cognitive improvement, and much more. When I came across PREPD, I felt it was very much tailored to performance & hydration, which is everything a runner could ask for. Having a PRIME before training knowing it contained carbohydrates for fuel but also a combination of Sodium & Potassium to support hydration was a standalone product in the market.

  • What are some of the tips or advice that you would give to other runners who want to improve their hydration strategy and performance?

The biggest tip is to always understand how the body works & what it needs before, during & after a run. There should never be any fear in giving the body the right fuel & hydration to support an enjoyable running experience.

  • What are your next running goals or challenges? Do you have any upcoming races that you are looking forward to?

After completing my first World Major in Tokyo, it only seems fitting to compete on Aussie soil. In a few months’ time, I’ll be running in the Gold Coast Marathon & closing out the year with the Sydney Marathon, to which they are in the bid to become an Abbott World Marathon Major. Really exciting time ahead.

  • Is there anything else that you would like to share with our readers?

I would encourage everyone to give PREPD a go! Whether this be someone who is newly invested into running or a long-time running enthusiast, there is endless performance to gain through PREPD.