Marathon Hydration Guide 2023: Tips, Benefits & PREPD Insights for Runners

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Written: 16 September 2022

Updated: 24 August 2023

Elevate Your Marathon Game with Expert Hydration Strategies!

Step into the power zone of optimal hydration. It's not just about sipping water but mastering the art of fluid balance that fuels performance. Discover the transformative potential of PREPD and guard yourself from the hurdles of dehydration. Ready to stride ahead in your marathon journey? Let's plunge into the details!

Essential runner hydration tips: How to develop a good drinking habit

Essential Hydration Facts: Why Water Matters

Hydration is vital for our body's core functions like regulating temperature and energy. Given that our body is 50-80% water, it's crucial to have a solid hydration strategy for marathon prep (Health Direct, 2021). Remember: the recommended daily water intake is 2-2.5 litres (SA Health, 2022).

Infographic image that illustrates how water helps hydrate the human body function effectively
Many functions in the human body rely on water to work correctly. View the full version of this water infographic here (Health Direct, 2021).​​

Benefits of Staying Hydrated: More Than Just Quenching Thirst

Hydration isn't just about curbing thirst. It:

  • Regulates body temperature: Keeping a consistent body temperature is vital to prevent overheating and fatigue, ensuring you can perform at your best.

  • Fuels cells with oxygen and nutrients: This translates to more energy and endurance, especially critical during prolonged activities like marathon running.

  • Expels body waste: Efficient removal of toxins and waste supports overall health and can prevent cramping or discomfort during exercise.

  • Manages sweat to prevent overheating: Proper hydration ensures efficient sweating, which is our body's natural cooling mechanism—crucial during intense workouts.

  • Protects joints and vital organs: Adequate hydration provides cushioning, reducing the risk of injury and ensuring organs function optimally.

  • Boosts productivity: Being well-hydrated improves focus and mental clarity, which can enhance athletic performance and day-to-day tasks alike.

Essential runner hydration tips: How to develop a good drinking habit

Marathon Hydration: A Step-by-Step Guide

Dehydration isn't just tiring; it sabotages performance. Athletes know firsthand that even slight dehydration can lead to significant fatigue. For anyone aiming for top endurance and performance, staying adequately hydrated isn't optional—it's essential! 

Leading Up To The Marathon

Striking the Hydration Balance for Marathons: Heading into a marathon, it's crucial to be perfectly hydrated—not too much, not too little. Trust your body's signals and keep tabs on your hydration levels.

In the crucial days leading up to the race, aim for the recommended daily water intake. It's not about flooding your system but ensuring you're well-prepared.

And don't forget about sodium—it's a game-changer. Balance your electrolytes by incorporating supplements or a sprinkle of salt in your meals. The objective? Achieving optimal hydration without going overboard.

Discover PREPD: Your Hydration Game-Changer

PREPD for Race Day: For those seeking an extra edge, consider PREPD. Using it 10-18 hours before your marathon can help your gut make the most of the water you consume, thanks to its Sustained Fibre.

But a word to the wise: Test PREPD out before race day to gauge your body's reaction.

Among all the prep pointers, don’t overlook this simple yet vital check—your urine. It should be a pale yellow or clear. This is your body's way of signalling optimal hydration levels.

Race Day

Race Day Nutrition: On the day of the marathon, your energy and hydration strategies are paramount. Beyond the prep, during the race, prioritise both fluid intake and carbohydrates. This combo is your key to sustained energy, especially during the race's challenging latter stages. In simple terms: hydrate right and fuel up on carbs to keep your body at its peak. 

The Cost of Dehydration: Ever wonder why hydration is a buzzword for runners? It's because dehydration can tank your performance. But how do you hydrate effectively? This video by Mayo Clinic breaks it down, offering straightforward hydration principles. And here's a tip: Whether you're running a half or a full marathon, these insights apply to you. Stay informed and stay hydrated. 

Sustained Fibre: The Secret to Optimised Hydration

Unlock Next-Level Hydration with Sustained Fibre: Ever wonder what sets elite athletes apart? It's not just talent; it's the science behind their hydration. Enter Sustained Fibre - a powerful prebiotic that nourishes gut bacteria and dramatically enhances fluid absorption.

The PREPD two-step system stands out in the crowded market of hydration products. Why? A trial with elite football players revealed:

  1. Superior initial hydration.
  2. Intensified fluid absorption during physical activity.
  3. A staggering 29% boost in post-exertion rehydration compared to other leading sports drinks.
  4. Remarkably, athletes on PREPD saw a drastic 85% reduction in weight loss due to dehydration.

While you can find traces of resistant starch in starchy foods, achieving the game-changing levels found in PREPD through diet alone is challenging. Why settle for less? Elevate your performance with PREPD.

Gut Health Benefits of PREPD's Sustained Fibre

Double Whammy: Hydration & Gut Health with PREPD: Beyond its groundbreaking hydration properties, PREPD has another ace up its sleeve: significant gut health benefits.

  1. Nourishing the Good Guys: PREPD promotes a flourishing gut by feeding the beneficial bacteria in our large intestine.
  2. Steady Energy Release: As a slow-release carbohydrate, it ensures a consistent energy flow.
  3. Natural Fibre's Twin: It operates similarly to soluble, fermentable fibre - a vital component for a balanced gut.

Wondering about the science behind this? Check out this informative CSIRO video that elucidates the advantages of sustained fibre/resistant starch.

In simpler terms? Think of sustained fibre as the superhero of your gut, making its way undeterred to your large intestine. Its mission? To supercharge it with a rich supply of health-boosting bacteria.

Essential runner hydration tips: How to develop a good drinking habit
View the full version of this image here. (Get Sweat Go, 2019).​​

Dehydration Effects: What Every Runner Should Know

Athlete's Hydration Guide for Peak Performance:

  1. Understanding is Key: Athletes striving for top-notch performance should grasp their hydration needs when prepping for races.
  2. The Stakes of Staying Hydrated: Proper hydration is more than just quenching thirst; it's a shield against performance dips and overwhelming fatigue.
  3. The Cost of Dehydration: The consequences are stark. Dehydration can drag out recovery times, heighten the risk of injuries and muscle cramps, and significantly pull down performance levels. Stay aware, stay hydrated.

Bonus: Dehydration Impact Calculator

Track Your Performance Impact:
Utilise our specialised calculator to gauge how dehydration can potentially slow down your running times. Stay informed and optimise your race!

Essential runner hydration tips: How to develop a good drinking habit