Dylan Shiel's Secret to Success: Unveiling PREPD

Dylan Shiel Reveals Pre-Game Rituals, Training Strategies, & the Secrets Behind His Success on the Field

We're ecstatic to welcome Dylan Shiel as our newest ambassador for PREPD! Discover how this AFL star uses PREPD to elevate his game. In this exclusive interview, we'll unveil Dylan's personal insights into training, hydration, and performance. Learn how PREPD could be your secret weapon too!

02 August 2023

Dylan Shiel is a name that has become synonymous with Australian rules football. Shiel's skills as a midfielder have led him to become one of the top clearance players in the league. His accolades include an All-Australian selection in 2017 and coming in second in the Essendon Football Club Best and Fairest in 2019.

For Dylan, the journey has always been about the love of the game. He debuted with the GWS GIANTS in Round 1, 2012, before joining Essendon in 2018. There, he continues to showcase his explosive power at stoppages and his unyielding passion for football.

But what drives this talented onballer? What are his pre-game rituals, training methods, and hydration strategies?

In this exclusive interview, we uncover his secrets to success on the field! Gaining insights into his training and hydration regimen. Plus his advice for young athletes looking to make their mark in the AFL. His incredible career highs and genuine love for the game serve as an inspiration for all.

"PREPD has enhanced my ability to recover from training and games."

- Dylan Shiel

Can you share some of your pre-game rituals and how they help you prepare for a match?

I’ve never really been one for pre-game rituals. But ideally, there are a couple of things I consistently do pre-game.

  • Get in the water game day morning
  • Listen to music
  • Write down some notes for the game

Drink a PREPD Prime the night before the game.

How has your training routine evolved over the years? Are there any specific exercises that have contributed to your success as a midfielder?

I’ve centred most changes to my training around how my body feels and managing previous injuries. As a midfielder, I must maintain my ability to change direction and accelerate/decelerate.

How do you mentally prepare for a big match? Do you have any advice for young athletes who might feel overwhelmed or nervous before a big game?

“I always remind myself that failure is OK when you’re giving maximum effort.”

Anxiety can be debilitating for many athletes, but it can also be an excellent weapon for some. We all suffer anxiety in some capacity. How you respond to it is most important. I choose to embrace it, as it is how my body is telling me to prepare for something exciting and important. One great thing I always remind myself is that failure is OK when you’re giving maximum effort.

How important is hydration to your performance on the field? Have you noticed a difference since using PREPD?

Hydration is the most critical nutritional preparation an athlete can do. In our game, well-hydrated athletes generally execute skills better for longer. And can perform better later in games. PREPD has enhanced my ability to recover from training and games.

Can you share how PREPD has fit into your training routine? How do you incorporate PREPD Prime and PREPD Recover into your regimen?

I really enjoy using PREPD around training during the week and also around my games. PREPD tastes great, which is a bonus, and enables me to absorb fluids more efficiently.

Lastly, what advice would you give to young aspiring athletes who look up to you and wish to make it to the AFL one day?

  1. In my opinion, the two most important things to play football are kicking and running.
  2. Play the game for the love of it.
  3. It’s ok to obsess about the game but don’t let it be the only thing that matters to you in life.