Boosting Game-Day Performance: How PREPD Helps AFL & Local Footy Players

10 August 2023

Australian Rules Football is a game of passion. Whether you're an elite AFL player or lacing up for your local footy club, the pursuit of finals success is the same. The difference often lies in the access to professional tools and resources—until now.

Hydration: The Unsung Hero of Performance

Whether on a professional stadium or your community ground, hydration plays a crucial role in how well you play. Lose too much weight through dehydration, and you could see your reaction times slow down, your kicks falling short, and your stamina waning as the game wears on. It's a universal challenge that affects every player on the field, from the AFL stars to grassroots champions.


PREPD: Elite Hydration for Every Player

You may think solutions developed for elite athletes are out of reach for amateur players, but that's not the case with PREPD. We designed this two-step system to boost hydration before, during, and after exertion. For once, it isn't confined to the professional clubs.

What's exciting about PREPD is that it takes an elite concept and makes it accessible to every player. The idea of "hydro-loading" or preparing the body to absorb more fluids. It's not about turning you into an AFL star overnight but giving you the same edge as professionals. PREPD helps you perform at your best in every match.

In a recent study, we explored how PREPD could help reduce in-game dehydration for two top AFL players. The results, as you'll discover, are not only promising for the pros but translate directly to what you can achieve at your local club.

Stay with us as we delve into the findings and uncover how you can elevate your game with the same hydration strategies used by the pros.

The Challenge

Body Mass Loss (BML): A Common Hurdle

Every athlete faces the hurdle of BML, or in-game dehydration. It's more than shedding a few kilos during a game. BML leads to dehydration, causing slower reactions, less accurate kicks, and reduced stamina. It's a challenge that resonates from professional to local arenas.

The AFL Players' Experience Before PREPD

In our study with two anonymous top AFL players, the effects of BML were evident. Before using PREPD:

  • Player A experienced an average weight loss of 3kg during a game, resulting in 3.71% BML.
  • Player B faced an even greater loss, with an average of 3.5kg during a game, leading to a 4.12% BML.

These figures were more than just numbers. They translated into tangible drops in performance, something every player, elite or amateur, can relate to.

The insights from this study are not confined to the elite level. They paint a picture that could be the reality for many local grassroots footy players. The good news? There's a way to tackle this challenge, and it's accessible to all. Read on to discover how PREPD is changing the game.

The Study with PREPD

Aim: A Focus on BML

The study's primary aim was to understand the effects of PREPD on BML during a game. An essential factor that impacts athletic performance.

Results: A Positive Impact on Performance

Player A:

  • Before PREPD: Average weight loss during a game: 3kg, translating to 3.71% BML.
  • After PREPD: Average weight loss during a game reduced to 0.8kg, resulting in a BML of 0.99%.

Overall Reduction: The BML percentage dropped from 3.71% to 0.99%, marking a 73% improvement.

Player B:

  • Before PREPD: Average weight loss during a game: 3.5kg, translating to 4.12% BML.
  • After PREPD: Average weight loss during a game reduced to 1.4kg, resulting in a BML of 1.65%.

Overall Reduction: The BML percentage dropped from 4.12% to 1.65%, marking a 60% improvement.

These results show the significant impact that PREPD can have in managing BML and, in turn, enhancing performance on the field.

What The Professionals Say

Heath Shaw - Veteran of 325 AFL Games, Now Playing Local Footy

Age and experience bring wisdom, and they have also led Heath Shaw, a veteran of 325 AFL games, to discover the benefits of PREPD in his local footy journey:

"The older you get, the wiser it seems as well. I stumbled upon PREPD's products and liked the fact one simple drink pre or post made a world of difference for me."


Dylan Shiel - AFL Player for Essendon, 1x All Australian

For professionals at the highest level of the sport, every detail matters. Dylan Shiel recognises the essential role hydration plays in performance and recovery:

"Hydration is the most critical nutritional preparation any athlete can do. In our game, well-hydrated athletes generally execute skills better for longer and can perform better later in games. PREPD has enhanced my ability to recover from training and games.”

What This Means for Local Players

You're facing the same hydration challenges as top AFL players every weekend. Whether you're aiming to keep your skills sharp late in the game or recover faster for the next match, PREPD offers a way to meet those challenges. It's about giving your best performance, enjoying the game to the fullest, and never having to hold back.

Your Next Step to Elevate Your Game

You don't need to be a pro to play like one. This study isn't about dry stats and figures; it's about the heart of the game. It's about that final push in the last quarter, the thrill of playing at your peak, and the camaraderie that only footy can bring.

So, lace up, hydrate with PREPD, and take the field with the confidence that you've got what it takes!