From Rivers to World Championships: The Swimming Journey of Matt Temple

Discover the story of Matt Temple, an Australian Olympic swimmer, his motivations, challenges, and the secret weapon in his hydration routine – PREPD.

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20 September 2023

Matt Temple is not just any swimmer; he ranks as the 4th fastest in the 100m butterfly at the World Championships. Behind this success lies a tale of dedication, hard work, and a unique hydration partner – PREPD. In our recent sit-down with Matt, we delved deep into his journey, uncovering his early days in swimming, the motivations that keep him going, and the role of hydration in his routine. 

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The Early Days

"I started swimming at a very young age," recalls Matt. His initiation wasn't into the competitive lanes of a swimming pool but the serene rivers of the Victorian high country. Driven by family camping trips and a desire to swim safely in natural waters, Matt's parents enrolled him in swimming lessons. Little did they know, these lessons would pave the way for an illustrious career.

Motivation Behind the Strokes

While many athletes have idols they look up to, Matt's motivation has a personal touch. "During my younger years, I never really looked up to anyone in the pool," he admits. Instead, it's the people around him, especially his parents, that keep him going. Their unwavering support, from waking up early for training sessions to being his pillar of strength, has been instrumental in his journey. 

Swimming: A Gruelling yet Rewarding Sport

Swimming is a unique sport; it requires a harmony of strength, agility, and endurance. As Matt emphasises, the contrast between training and actual race time is stark. "Our race goes for 50 odd seconds, and we're training 25 to 30 hours a week in the pool." That's over 1,800 seconds of rigorous training for every second of the race. This intense regime underscores not just the physical demands of the sport but also the mental fortitude required.


For many, the thought of dedicating so many hours for mere seconds of performance might seem incomprehensible. But for champions like Matt, it's these hours that make the difference. Every stroke perfected, every breath timed, and every lap completed brings them closer to shaving off milliseconds from their race time, and often, that's what stands between victory and defeat.

Hydration: An Athlete's Silent Partner

Hydration plays a pivotal role in the world of sports. It's more than just quenching thirst; it's about fuelling the body, enhancing performance, and speeding up recovery. While we might associate swimmers with being surrounded by water, their hydration needs are just as critical as any other athlete.


In our conversation, Matt highlighted the significance of hydration in his routine. He stressed the difference the right hydration strategy can make, especially in a sport as demanding as swimming. This is where PREPD comes into play. With its unique formula tailored for athletes, it's not just another drink; it's a performance enhancer. It bridges the gap between regular hydration solutions and the specific needs of high-performance athletes like Matt.

Hydration: The Science Behind PREPD's Effectiveness

While Matt Temple's personal experience with PREPD speaks volumes, the science behind the product reinforces its significance in the world of sports hydration. A groundbreaking study, backed by research from Flinders and Yale Universities, showcased the effectiveness of PREPD in boosting hydration.


The Trial: In a controlled study with the Adelaide Football Club, players using PREPD showcased a stark difference in hydration levels compared to those without it:

  • Before Training: They started their sessions more hydrated, retaining an extra 298g of bodyweight.
  • During Training: A retention of 27% more bodyweight was observed.
  • After Training: They regained 29% more bodyweight during recovery.

Such findings aren't just numbers; they directly correlate with an athlete's performance. As Accredited Sports Dietitian, Anthony Meade, points out, the benefits shown by PREPD not only enhance best practice hydration but are also highly likely to improve athletic performance.

Matt's Experience with PREPD

When asked about his association with PREPD, Matt's face lit up. It's clear that for him, PREPD isn't just a brand he endorses; it's a crucial part of his training and recovery regimen. "The difference I felt after incorporating PREPD into my routine was palpable," he shared. The enhanced hydration not only aided in his performance during the race but also made a noticeable difference in his post-exertion recovery.

Joint Gold medallists Isaac Cooper, Joshua Yong, Matthew Temple and Kyle Chalmers. Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images.

Triumphs, Records, and the Heart of a Champion

Matt Temple's journey from the rivers of the Victorian high country to the world stage is nothing short of inspiring. One moment that stands out from our conversation, shedding light on the culmination of his hard work and dedication, was the World Championships in Melbourne, 2022. 


"The most memorable would have to be last year at the World Championships," Matt reminisces, "on the last night, it was the 4 by 100m medley relay. We weren't hopeful for a medal that night, but after psyching all the boys up, everyone got up, and we ended up winning the race in a world record time, tying with the US. Standing on that medal dais, after our world record, watching the Australian flag being raised as our anthem played in our home country, with friends and family in the stands - that'll always be very special."


Such moments are a testament to the power of dedication, the right support system, and the pivotal role of hydration in athletic performance. Whether you're an aspiring athlete or someone looking to improve your physical performance, consider giving PREPD a try and experience the benefits firsthand.

Bonus: Quick Q&A Section

Q: How young were you when you started swimming?
A: I started at a very young age, primarily for safety during our family camping trips.


Q: Who's been your biggest support in your journey?
A: My parents have been there since day one, waking up early and supporting me throughout.


Q: What's one of the toughest aspects of being a competitive swimmer?
A: Swimming is demanding. Our race goes for 50 odd seconds, but we're training 25 to 30 hours a week in the pool.


Q: Can you share a memorable moment from your swimming career?
A: The World Championships in Melbourne, 2022, stands out. We won the 4 by 1 medley relay in a world record time, tying with the US, especially special as it was in our home country.


Q: How do you stay motivated, especially when the training gets tough?
A: While I never really looked up to anyone in the pool, it's the people around me, especially my parents, friends, and family, that keep me going.